When we talk about the construction industry in Pakistan, we have few builders and developers who has good reputation in maintaining quality and timeline in their projects. Lakhani Builders and Developers are one of them.  They have maintained themselves according to international standards and successfully implement their ideas in order to achieve their goals.
Lakhani Builders has a successful track record of their quality projects, however I found Lakhani Presidency, their ongoing project, to be most unique residential project by its location, security features, amenities and the quality material they are using in the construction. Whether you are looking for a secure investment, need a good return on investment or you are in search of dream house for your family, you must visit Lakhani Presidency as it will prove to be an awesome opportunity for you.Mohsin Sheikhani ( Chairman )

Association Of Builders & Developers Pakistan


Construction industry plays a vital role in the economy of the country and specially in developing countries like Pakistan where trend of urbanization is constantly increasing. When need of housing emerged in Pakistan and Government took initiative towards the solution, the members of association of Builders & Developers (ABAD) contributed a major part in this scenario.

One of these members is Lakhani Builders & Developers who possesses a successful track record of their quality standard and timely delivered projects. On my visit to their ongoing project Lakhani Presidency, I found it to be excellent and unique as the only residential project in high rise category so far present. However this project avails all the benefits that may be acquired by any buyer like location of the project, quality of material, security features of different levels, water and supply backup, but the most fascinating feature of this project is its design and architecture, each apartment is designed in such a way that it keeps ventilated and illuminated, as this is the feature that lacks in most of the other projects.

 We believe that Lakhani builders will maintain their success track as they have done in Pakistan. We hope Lakhani builders will continue providing quality residences with modern life style.

Hafeez Butt (EX- Chairman )

Association Of Builders & Developers Pakistan



Clients Testimonials

Assalam – O-Allaikum , I am Arsalan, a banker by profession. I reside at a place from where I have been cut off from my family and friends due to the distance, so me and my wife decided to look for a residence that is centrally located in the city that makes easy to move anywhere in Karachi. So we came to know about Lakhani Pride. At first glance the only attraction seems to be the location of the project .

But on our visit we were astonished to find that it is a high rise residential project with international quality standards Using branded and quality construction material will make it far long lasting project and it will be professionally managed by an organized company, so that residencies can enjoy all the quality residential services without any hassle. Security features seems excellent. Power backup, projects own water processing plant, emergency exits all make this quality project a model home that me and my family dreamed for.


My name is Haji Yaseen. I am a redsident  of Lakhani Excellency that was constructed and developed by Lakhani Builders and Developers. I bought apartments and shops for secure investment and I witnessed that Lakhani Builders are not only constructors; they develop their projects in true sense through their quality and commitments.

 Their new project Lakhani Presidency will be their another success story, as I found very unique features here, other than usual residential projects it is not located in outskirts of the city that may take ten to fifteen years to develop and acquire basic necessities. It is located in the heart of the city, an area surrounded by populated residential and commercial projects. The security features, structure, amenities, power supply backup, water osmosis plant makes it another success story of Lakhani Builders and Developers.


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