Care Taking

You will be very pleased to know that we Take Care Your Apartments with a very small amount as services charges which are as follows.

We will take care of Apartment in all respect.

  • We will maintain your Apartment in all manners of maintenance, specially cleanliness & keep it intact.
  • We will very professionally handle your utility bills and get them submitted within due dates.
  • We will maintain close liaison with all the relevant Govt Department, and if any matter arises, will act as your lawful attorney with your due permission in your absence.
  • We will act as care taker, presenter and represented in all manners lawfully up to your satisfaction Insh-Allah.
  • In your absence, you will feel totally represented on your arrival in Pakistan, where we assist you in sale / purchase and even in rent out in all of our projects.
  • We will also offer our services for your irrelevant property to us other than our projects. We assist you in Sales / Purchase and rent out of said property.

These services are only meant for overseas Pakistanis only. We are very firm in thinking that you will definitely give us the chance of service to you which indeed serve the purpose collectively which we deserve rightly.

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